Clarks’ newest model is the Trigenic: a shoe characterised by its unique three-part outsole, giving it one step ahead when it comes to natural movement. We searched for inspiration within the shoemaker’s crafted innovation for the design and implementation of the Trigenic-window campaign for European key accounts.
We came up with a simple construction inspired by the oak lasts used by shoemakers during the creating process. We translated its features into the French oak modules, resulting in a simplistic, contemporary design. In search of subtle detailing, we opted for a classic fishbone flooring to resonate Clarks’ heritage as a shoemaker.

The Trigenic’s natural movement was also an inspiration for the design of the window cabinets. The custom-built modules can be moved separately, or connected to build various set-ups, according to each individual shop window. This allows every Clarks’ window to look unique while creating a recognisable uniformity.