CTC (ColourToColour), 360° approach of a new dual-brand store concept.
The arrival of CTC (ColourToColour) takes the popular retail term ‘total experience’ to the next level, adding an entirely new dimension to shopping. In a unique dual-brand store hosted by Gebr. Coster (The Netherlands) and featuring the roaring brands G-star RAW and adidas Originals, you get to pick the coolest outfits, while CTC strikes down upon you like a yellow rollercoaster. And we are proud to say that we developed it from scratch.
To get to the point where CTC became the innovative retail concept it is now, we didn’t merely fill in the usual marketing slots. Rather, we questioned them, turned them upside down, gave them a creative twist, or, when necessary, threw them away and replaced them. CopyToCopy was out of the question. Two things were clear from the very start: we wanted a concept that could penetrate every single vein of the project.
Giving CTC a single colour, was step one. The first stores are hit by a yellow CTC-zone, a tsunami that rushes CoastToCoast, colouring everything in its path: corny old style chan-deliers, fitting rooms with – please do recount them – 241 pegs, a cash desk with a DIY machine for custom made buttons on the counter... Say, isn’t that cash desk built with luxury boxes? Yep, the same ones you get to carry your purchase in. All in all not just another box in the wall. Splitting the store into two parts, the CTC-zone creates individual store space for each brand, while functioning as a friendly Checkpoint Charlie, a border and a meetingplace at the same time. It is the glue that keeps these different identities together, the sauce that spices them up.
Next we had to find a name that stood out from others in its versatility. CTC was the vocal mirror that opened new perspectives in most any aspect of the store concept. From the shop window to the website and from social media to the interior design, CTC offers a complete communication platform with its very own distinct logo, graphics and typogra-phy.  The possible variety of puns and practical jokes is endless and, though never losing touch with functionality, humour is never far away: SALE becomes CashToCash, winter will see a seasonal window campaign like ChristmasToChristmas... That CashToCash, for instance, opens a whole new world of in-store promotions. Think flexible rubber shelf talkers, or size markers turned into discount markers with just that one percent extra, and realize what retailing new style can do.
One thing we kept intact – never change a winning team! – was the high service you can expect from a premium fashion store. To make the most of the staff’s expertise we pro-vided these CTC-ambassadors with a fully equipped tool belt, containing personalised business cards, a shoehorn, a tape measure, buttons … you name it. Finally, to upgrade customer relations, we revived a long lost service: staff members wear aprons with leather patches, so they can put your foot on their thigh to help you fit your favourite shoes.
The conclusion of a 360° view on CTC? The pieces of the retail puzzle have fallen into place. CheckToCheck!