After a succesfull introduction of Teva's new visual direction. We were thrilled to be inspired by nature once again, as the original sandal brand commissioned us for the design of a new showroom concept. 
The simplest forms are found to work best, so we were eager to use Teva's distinctive triangle again. This time, we added diagonal components which we combined with terracotta pendants and pottery. Using wood and concrete to complement these organic elements, we were able to transfer the brand's origin and concept into the room.
Next, we searched for a way to broaden the visual merchandising possibilities in the showroom. The flexible peg system we developed for the walls allows different set-ups, making it easy to alternate between collection highlights. The mobile graphic panels we added can be used to create new presentation settings for every season. 
Those who work hard, must play hard. That's why we topped off the showroom with a stylish bar and a lounge area, big comfy pillows included.